Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hairunizam + Ani Nadila | Batu Pahat

Hi viewer,

This is my 3rd time in Johor for a wedding shooting. The place that still remains unfamiliar for me.

Despite of all the unfamiliar feeling, Ani Nadila’s family are hilarious and funny too especially her sisters.

Their jokes make me laugh until I forgot that I’m there for a wedding shooting not a guest wedding. =)

Above all, it’s another fun & simple wedding occasion. I love fun & simple wedding because its freedom and no protocol.

Enjoys the beautiful images.



Hasnita Sawal said...

nice pics. simple yet meaningful. congrats to my fren ani nad & husband

Naroswati Naib said...

Cantiknya gambar yg Ari amik ni. Klu Ari blh amik gambar akak lebih cantik dr gambar Ani, akak masakkan Asam Pedas ;-)