Friday, March 27, 2009

Saiful & Diana - Family Portraiture

Recently Annas and I done a family portraiture for Annas best's friend Diana and her family. They both are so young and married when she was 20yrs. Their child so adorable and a bit shame but all having a good moment. Thanks Saiful & Diana for a such a great moment Annas and I have. Hope happiness upon your family..=)



kerongsangemas wedding decorations said...

i loike so damm muchhhhh.....!!!!
thx guys, u did a great jobs!
nti snap pix tuk maternity & new born baby plak yeh....

Azahari Salleh said...

u r welcome...uihks!!??...snap pix tuk maternity & new born?..lum ade xperience agi tuh..but anyway..Y not rite?..